Rental Policies & Procedures

When renting and utilizing The Sol Studio, all renters must adhere to the following policies and procedures.

  1. Reservation of The Sol Studio requires a signed contract and security deposit. Upon request, a three day hold may be placed on an available date of interest. If a signed contract and deposit are not returned by the end of the hold, the date will be released.
  2. A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is due at the contract signing. This deposit will be put towards your final balance. The remaining balance is due two weeks (14 days) prior to your event.
  3. The rental of The Sol Studio for events includes a minimum of 5 hour access to the space, 50 chairs, and two six foot tables, prep area, Apple TV, and Sonos sound system.
  4. The Sol Studio will provide an on-site event host to provide facility assistance on the day of your event. The event host is not a wedding or event coordinator.
  5. The Sol Studio is a NON-SMOKING facility.
  6. A Sonos sound system is provided for background music. Any additional sound equipment needed is at the expense of the lessor and must be approved by The Sol Studio facility manager.
  7. Any rentals must be delivered and picked up during designated times provided by The Sol Studio. The Sol Studio is not responsible for the loss or damage to any rental deliveries.
  8. All vendors contracted by the lessor must be approved by The Sol Studio and name The Sol Studio as insured on their liability coverage. The Sol Studio reserves the right to deny access to any vendor not approved in advance.
  9. All vendors hired by the lessor must adhere to the policies of The Sol Studio. Any violation of the rules and regulations will be the responsibility of the lessor.
  10. All candles must be non-drip and enclosed. No confetti or rice is allowed.
  11. All additional lighting and decoration is at the expense of the lessor and must be approved by the facility manager.
  12. Standard furniture set –up is included in the rental fee, any change in the set-up may be at an additional cost. Any linen or chair cover rentals will be at the expense of the lessor.
  13. Service of food and beverage must be limited to designated areas and refuge must be removed by caterer at the conclusion of the event.
  14. Alcohol served on the premises is to be done exclusively by a licensed and insured caterer. Copies of New York City liquor licenses and insurance must be provided to The Sol Studio within 14 days prior to the event. Adherence to the New York City laws is the responsibility of the caterer, including but not limited to, age verification.
  15. The Sol Studio can provide seating for 50 guests and has standing room for 75 guests. Any additional tables and chairs must be rented at the lessor’s expense.