Leroy Campbell

Leroy Campbell

Leroy Campbell is a self-taught artist reared by two cities rich in African American culture. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and raised in New York City.

His work is an extension of my roots & takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues of the African American life. Though many of his subjects are depicted living out their daily routine, his focus is on the celebration of the human spirit, and the pursuit of the American dreams.

He is inspired, first and foremost by his experiences and what he sees. He is also moved by the images of the South depicted by Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence’s capture of the history and struggle of African Americans. It was after viewing Bearden’s work in 1987 that he began incorporating a three dimensional element which gave him the ability to create rawness and tension on a two dimensional medium.

Today he uses a variety of materials to enhance the intensity of his artistic expression. His most recent work, The Newspaper Series, features historical news print as its most dominant feature, and serves as a time capsule that details the perseverance and the intense, unwavering strength of African American people. Fusing the newspaper articles in to his work evokes an unexpected range of emotions.

He feels his life is rewarded by creating art. The process takes him on an edifying voyage that is both healing and empowering. His work will always advocate unity & diversity, and my hope is that it also educates.

Selected Works